What kind of meditation does Inscape offer?

Inscape offers meditation techniques that have been practiced for thousands of years. Our primary techniques were chosen because they are three of the most popular and effective techniques - Focus, Mindfulness and Mantra. They are varied, appealing and simple to understand.

  • Focus meditation is the practice of placing your attention on a single thing—it can be your breath, a part of your body, or even a flower. It is a very effective technique that helps to focus the mind and calm the body.
  • Mindfulness meditation is the practice of having an open awareness in the present without judgement. The object of your awareness can include sensory experiences (hearing, touch, taste, sight, smell), body sensations, feelings or thoughts. This practice allows you to become less reactive and more responsive, to gain insight into the way your mind works and to get to know and understand yourself better.
  • Mantra meditation is the practice of repeating a word or sound which serves as an anchor for the mind. It is a technique that is easy to learn and allows the body and the mind to enter deep states of stillness. Researched benefits include less stress, anxiety, insomnia, and hypertension.

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