What is the Inscape Meditation Flow?

  • The Inscape meditation flow is our signature sequence that is designed to bring people from their busy life into a more calm experience.
  • It is a sequence of movement, breathing, meditation guidance and silence designed to bring you from your outer world to your inner world.
  • Traditionally movement and breathing are used to prepare the body and mind for meditation. This flow sequence is created with that in mind.

The Inscape Flow Structure:

  • Each session opens with a short inspiration or intention.
  • In the Inscape studio, gentle body movement are included in the flow to help center and ground the body, to begin to slow down the heart rate and prepare for meditation. It begins to turn your attention from the outside world to your body. These simple movements can be done seated on a chair or cushion, and can generally be practiced by anyone.
  • Breathing is next, which is used to calm your nerves helping you to relax. The goal is to settle the mind and bring your attention from the noise of the outside world to your meditation practice.
  • The meditation technique section offers step by step guidance to some of the world’s most popular ancient meditation techniques.
  • The next part of the session is the time you are in silence. During this time you get to practice the day’s technique while exploring and refining your practice.
  • The closing outro includes grounding your mind and body, and bringing you back to your day after your practice. Including some practical tips on how you can integrate your meditation practice into your daily life.

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