I'm trying to find the gratitude meditations for Thanksgiving!

This season, we're grateful you're part of our growing INSCAPE community. 
Make sure you're opening the gratitude meditation link from your iPhone, with the latest version of  INSCAPE (2.0.4) installed. 
You can try opening the meditation links again below, or by following these instructions: 
1) From the home screen, click Explore on the bottom menu. 
2) Click on the Singles tab.
3) Click on Intentions, and then click on Happiness. 
4) "Say Thank You" is the 4th meditation on the screen.
1) From the home screen, click Moments. 
2) Click on Energetic Morning.
3) "Sunrise Gratitude" is the 2nd meditation on the screen. 
Please note that INSCAPE is only available on iPhones that support iOS 10.0 or later. 

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